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Most UK clinics are 4 or 6 weeks apart. All bookings to be confirmed only on receipt of payment to organiser a week in advance. Late booking or payment may risk loosing your place.

Whilst we will make every effort to find last minute replacements where necessary, it is the client’s responsibility to find a replacement. Payments will not be refunded.

Thank you all for your support in the past and we look forward to seeing you and your horses again.

Peter Maddison-Greenwell

Peter is an International Dressage Trainer of world-wide repute. He has clinics throughout Britain, The Isle of Man, America and Germany, as well as having performed and taught in Ireland, Spain and Dubai.

The emphasis is on the dressage training of both horse and rider. This is based on many years experience of training dressage and a balance of beliefs and principles that has put Peter Maddison-Greenwell up there amongst “the worlds top dressage trainers in his field”, as quoted in the book Pathfinder Dressage by Penny Hillsden.

His philosophy and personality, combined with a sound depth of knowledge and riding ability makes him absolutely unique in the equestrian world. He is one of the few people who crosses over with ease from Performer to Trainer in all aspects of dressage as well as Doma Vaquera and Garrocha, High School and Work in Hand.

Peter is equally happy helping the classical and dressage competition rider as well as performers and display riders in the ever increasing world of Equestrian Theatre, of which Peter

has been one of its pioneers.

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I wanted to share this (even though I own warmbloods ) I have many friends that own Iberian horses or seriously compete.

Peter gave me the key to my boy Robson when he was a tricky opinionated explosive youngster. The key was simply riding him correctly, the classical way which immediately made sense to him (and to me) and we never looked back.

Even though I was so cross after the first lesson I nearly told him to get stuffed because he totally turned everything I had ever been taught on its arse but I decided to keep my gob shut for once and get on with it!! Our scores shot up!

Since then I have trained all my horses that way and they have found everything easy (disregarding Fred's opinion!). I am always complemented when other people ride my horses on how fine tuned they are and how well they are physically by therapists.

If people cannot ride my horses it highlights missing links from their own training (how many trainers tell you what to do but not why so you can fully understand the how?-how many people do I now see giving incorrect aids for leg yield, shoulder in or half-pass, which make no anatomical sense to move a horse) or riders physical problems and once corrected they cannot believe the difference!

We will be back for lessons soon Peter. PSG in the first half of next year and we haven't competed for prob 3 years or more but that's my goal!ion!).