Our history

From out of the pages of History steps the Spanish horse and

with it, the art of classical riding


El Caballo de España were the first to develop the new genre of equestrian theatre here in the UK. Their many unique and spectacular shows have inspired and entertained many hundreds of thousands of people since 1988.

These shows have push the boundaries of this equestrian art form beyond its previous concept.

From El Caballo de España, The First Equestrian Theatre was born, where music and dance blend together with spectacular horsemanship, entertaining the audience with the classical and spectacular.

Since its beginning, El Caballo de España has worked with many well known companies. Seat, Iberia Airlines, Compaq computers, San Miguel to name just a few.

It is well respected in the equestrian world and has worked for English Heritage producing videos and demonstrations in the past and more recently shows and lecture demonstrations at

Bolsover Castle as well as working with Dominic Sewell and Historic Equitation at Audley End House and Kenilworth Castle supporting the Joust with spectacular classical dressage of the day.


El Caballo de España & Maddison-Greenwell Equestrian